Why Working with a Recruiter Will Help YOU!

When applying for job, do you feel like your resume goes into an HR black hole? Have you ever heard that you are overqualified for a job? When you interview, are there times that you never hear back? Or, are you just not finding roles that have made you excited about taking a career leap? Believe me, I understand that a job hunt can be an overwhelming process, not to mention the fact that it can feel like a full time job just to find one. That’s why you should consider using a recruiter!

Working for a company like Planet Interactive, I know first-hand the meaningful work that our recruiting team does every day and the advantages that a candidate will have when incorporating a recruitment firm into your job search… But what are they?

  1. You will not have to spend a dime! 
    • If you want to use a Planet Interactive recruiter and take advantage of all of the services they can provide you, you don’t have to worry about cost because it’s free! Speaking of the services a recruiter can provide…
  2. Your recruiter has a direct relationship to the employer.
    • Recruiters have often spent years working with their clients and have insights on the culture, team structure and role that would be impossible to glean from an online job description.
  3. Your recruiter can help you stand out from the crowd!
    • Recruiters closely review your resume and portfolio, and make suggestions that will help you appeal to the hiring manager. They’ll know whether you’d fit in with their company culture, ensuring that you’re making the right move. Your recruiter will also know your true value and will be an effective advocate for you.
  4. Your recruiter will help you with your interview.
    • If you partner with one of our recruiters, you’ll be better prepared for job interviews, as well as consistently advance farther in the process than someone who applies from an online job ad. Our recruiters take time to prepare you before your interview, running through the questions we know they’ll ask you and helping you craft responses that position you in a favorable light. Think of it like knowing the exam questions prior to taking the test 🙂
  5. Your recruiter will keep you in the loop.
    • Ever had one of those moments when you’ve applied to a job, or even had an interview, and you never hear back? Well, a recruiter will make sure that does NOT happen to you. They will check on where things stand and consistently coordinate for follow-up and feedback with the hiring manager.
  6. Your recruiter has access to multiple different types of jobs.
    • Many times, the job you were initially interested in may not be the best fit. If that’s the case, our recruiters will have access to other types of jobs that could be an even better opportunity for you – ones you may not have thought to pursue. And last, but not least…
  7. Your recruiter only gets paid when you get hired!
    • So you KNOW that we will be on your side and help set you up for success.

In the end, working with a recruiter can only benefit YOU. Recruiters offer you guidance and assistance in advancing your job search, which will help you to land your ideal position! We want to be a partner in the process and hope that the tools we provide will benefit you for years to come.

by David Scalise | | Tags : Planet Forward Planet Forward

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