New Year, New You: Be the Ideal Candidate in 2017

January is the perfect time to pen your New Year’s resolutions. If one of these “new year, new you” ideas centers around your career, you’re in luck! 2017 is going to be a job seeker’s market, so there’s no better time than now to take your job-based aspirations and turn them into a reality.  To start this process, we at Planet Interactive have developed a general plan that will help push your professional career forward while making you the best candidate you can be in 2017.

Set Goals: Before you can dive right into the job hunt, you need to set professional goals. Employers love candidates who know what they want out of a job and what they are looking for. But make sure not to overwhelm employers with too many goals and skills. You could present yourself to a future employer as jack of all trades, but that will do one of two things; confuse them about what it is that you want or you may come off as arrogant or overqualified. Think about what your strengths are and use that to your advantage. Employers like to hire candidates who specialize in a particular skill or field, rather than dabble in a bit of everything.

Stand Out: The best way to stand out is to make sure that an employer’s first impression of you is stellar, which is why we suggest you look at your resume and LinkedIn. Not only should your resume be up to date, but you should make sure to have the most relevant job at the top of your resume, highlighting how you were an asset. Stand out to future employers by including your accomplishments along with your responsibilities. After seeing your resume, an employer will look you up on LinkedIn. In fact, your LinkedIn profile is the perfect platform to elaborate on what you can’t always include in a resume. You’re able to highlight your positive skills, accomplishments, and your professional passions. Your LinkedIn page should be a story of who you are professionally. If you’re able to master that, you’ll stand out!

Act: Candidates who put in the time and effort into a job search will be the ones who will succeed. This starts by using your connections to get ahead. Do not be afraid to network. Reach out to previous employers, connections you have made in the past, and recruiters to help you! You’ll find that having connections throughout your job search can be exceedingly valuable. Have your elevator pitch ready to prove to future employers why they can’t last another day without you! Promoting yourself can be awkward, but if you’re willing to put on your sales cap and promote your skills and experiences, you might just edge out the competition. 

There’s no better time than the present to turn your career goals into a reality. If you know what you’re looking for, find a way to stand out and take action, then you will succeed!

by David Scalise | | Tags : Planet Forward Planet Forward

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