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Madison Avenue has changed. The days of gurus creating advertising copy on typewriters has long passed. The ad agent of old has given way to new, hi-tech creative types. New Yorkers who want an exciting career with the possibility to provide a lucrative income, should visit a marketing recruitment firm to find the right job for them.

There is an increasing need for such creative people. For example, graphic designers have excellent career opportunities now and in the future. Both large companies and small businesses must have compelling websites to attract customers. Quality graphic designers create the visuals that capture and maintain the attention of the public. Currently, there are over 18,460, graphic designers in New York, earning around $30 per hour or $61,000 each year.

Likewise, web platform developers enjoy increased job possibilities. Businesses employ developers to install and maintain websites, automated payroll systems, email servers and other technological needs. The job may also entail ensuring a company has an active social media presence.  New York has around 9,000, employed web developers, earning an average of $36.15 per hour or $75,180, each year.

Creative Employment Agencies in New York

These representative jobs are just examples of the endless possibilities for those who can merge a passion for computers with a creative mind. Anyone with such a creative bent should consult with a marketing staffing firm to discern just what would be the best career choices for them.

Planet Interactive, an online communications staffing agency and creative staffing firm provides a listing of work available in the technology, marketing and communications fields. Following are some current and common New York job openings users can find on the website:

  • Digital Ad Inventory Coordinator
  • Internal Communications Specialist
  • PowerPoint  Presentation Graphics Designer
  • Social Media Ad Coordinator
  • User Experience Designer

Yes, bright job prospects exist in the technology, marketing and communications sectors in New York. The pay should prove agreeable to most people. All needed to wage a successful job hunt is to use common sense and check in with employment specialists who have the latest information on employment in the area.