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We Offer a Full Suite of Recruitment Solutions

First and foremost, we utilize our robust network comprising of global and national organizations, associations, and industry groups. We focus on a multi-pronged approach. We use our proprietary global database of creative industry professionals, our vast referral system, strategic partnerships, and cloud-based recruitment platforms.

We’re not the type to leave all our recruitment eggs in one basket. We deploy a full spread that enables us to deliver the best results in a supremely efficient manner.

Finding and hiring staff who possess critical skill-sets can be a tough task. We make the process easy. We identify talent with high demand skill sets, hire them quickly, and onboard them effectively with our on-demand staffing services. We leverage proprietary software with our robust talent pipeline to get the job done efficiently.

Work with us to solve your workforce challenges. Utilize our global, national, and local recruitment resources. Handling the engagement and management of talent can be messy. We streamline the hiring process, enabling our clients to increase efficiency.

Identifying direct hire talent requires a different approach to recruitment. Our strategy is to understand the culture and business environment to create a personalized plan towards finding perfect candidates.

From smaller firms to large international companies, we help clients reduce HR costs and maintain focus. Through our direct hire process, we place a new employee directly within an organization for a competitive one-time fee, based on the employee’s first-year salary. If there isn’t a mutual fit, we replace the employee at no cost during the guaranteed time period.

We understand the marketplace and which critical skill-sets are in high demand. We connect talent to clients based on factors such as experience, communication style, and personality.

Planet Interactive focuses on the details, setting us apart from other staffing agencies. We are your one-stop-shop to ensure that you receive only the highest-quality service while working with our recruitment team. From our executives to our administrative staff, our focus is always on our client's success. 

We help you find the right people and determine if it’s a perfect match, as well as making it a stress-free process to part ways in the event it's not the right fit.

We offer contract-to-hire staffing services to give you time to see if the candidate is right for your environment. Our clients observe the employee on the job with the option of hiring the employee permanently. Our process saves time for everyone. While the typical hiring procedure takes up to 60 days on average, our contract-to-hire resource typically takes less than a week.

You’re looking for payroll support. You want to delegate the brunt of the work yet still maintain control of the process. This is where we come in.

Our payrolling model aims to maintain a collaborative relationship between our clients and us. We manage the hiring, benefits, paperwork, work conflicts, personnel records, termination processes, and more. Our client establishes the roles, responsibilities, and boundaries of the relationship while saving themselves the legwork.

With Planet Interactive as a single point of contact, you can reduce costs, improve efficiency, scalability, and rid the burden of payroll processing. This significantly helps our clients focus on what they do best.

Need to outsource your recruitment efforts? We offer the best suite of solutions in the game. Our Global Workforce Solutions include Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), a process where our clients delegate all or part of their recruitment efforts to Planet Interactive. For us, RPO is crafting a relationship with a client. It’s not about just filling open jobs; it’s improving the entire recruiting process for an organization.

We also provide our clients with Managed Services Provider (MSP) offerings. While our RPO services focus on improving the recruitment process (typically for permanent staff), our MSP assistance also deals with non-permanent employee hiring. Our MSP expertise provides clients a chance to delegate the lengthy functions involved with contingent worker hiring and management processes. Our clients no longer have to do the legwork while still maintaining control and clarity over the operation.

We Offer Recruitment Styles To Suit Every Need.

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