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Connecting Top Firms with the Finest Creative Talent

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Planet Interactive is joining other Planet Group companies to form Planet Technology. We'll still be providing the same creative, digital and marketing staffing solutions you've come to expect from us, just under a different name. Learn more here.

While our new website is under development, use the current Planet Interactive site to search for jobs, request talent or contact us.

We match Capable Talent With Unsurpassed Opportunities.

We are a global company that provides exceptional, personalized service. We connect our clients to the best industry talent using our extensive recruitment network. Our consultants go the extra mile for quality control and finding the perfect match for everyone involved.

It’s this commitment to excellence that keeps our clients and talent coming back for great new people and great opportunities.



Timing is crucial in our industry. We deliver faster service than our competitors without losing our commitment to quality. We focus on efficiency, streamlining our recruitment processes to deliver top results.


The reason why so many of our clients stick with us is that we’re good at what we do. We’re about people, not numbers. Creating healthy relationships between our clients and candidates is our expertise.


We’ve been around long enough to work out the kinks. We’ve mastered our process and are not complacent. We keep up with industry trends and leverage flexible delivery models to assure each client gets the experience and service that's right for them. 


We connect our clients with the most creative, qualified, and talented people in the industry. Our vetting process isn’t just about qualifications, but also about connecting the perfect match. We do our homework on candidates and utilize our network to weed out any bad apples.


When it comes to regulations, we keep a tight lid on what laws are applicable and should be followed. It’s important for us to stay well-versed on any updates for everyone involved.

Planet Interactive Candidates are Synonymous with Quality

We send only a select number of truly vetted and qualified candidates to our clients. Part of our recruitment process is ensuring that we are presenting candidates that will be a great match both culturally and professionally.

Working with us at Planet Interactive, clients save time and money by hiring right the first time. We truly get to know our clients by discovering their career goals, needs, and ideal work environment. At the same time, we find out about our candidates to determine the best career fit to match them with. This award-winning process lowers the time to hire and counteracts turnover.

Our Suite of Solutions



We supply Interactive professionals across multiple industries and functional areas for all phases of product development. The demand for professionals in the digital space is accelerating as organizations are looking to keep pace with changing technologies. Finding the right professionals to fill these critical roles can be challenging; at Planet Interactive, we can meet this challenge. We understand that company culture can be an important factor in the UX / UI fields. This is why we spend additional time getting to know both the client and candidate to ensure we are creating the right match for everyone.


This is a wide field. There are a vast number of candidates, job types, and mediums that are involved. Our consultants come from the industry and are adept at finding the perfect match. Planet Interactive delivers comprehensive solutions that reinforce and enhance project development to our clients' needs. We customize each solution and place resources according to our clients' needs.


There’s real value in hiring candidates who are deeply passionate about their space. Planet Interactive helps drive faster results by hiring specialists within the industry. Each specialist has core expertise such as public relations, corporate responsibility, and corporate communications. With our constantly growing industry network, most talent is only a click away.


At Planet Interactive, we know the creative world. We understand the creative field. Our consultants understand the nuances in finding talent and know how to navigate through requirements and identify the best candidates for your role. From sourcing an elite industry Creative Director, to RFP/Proposal Design professionals, we have a shockingly wide recruitment network to draw upon. This being said, we go the extra mile to provide candidates that are a strong match according to your needs, specifications, and corporate culture.


Planet Interactive has a dedicated team of consultants focused on providing exclusive support to the eCommerce sector. Our consultants fully understand client requirements and how to identify candidate strengths and interests to ensure we find a perfect fit. We offer a truly consultative approach and provide the highest level of customer service by drawing on our expertise.


We understand market trends and connect top talent with top Interactive jobs. We know that a recruiting partner should have an extensive network, thorough vetting process, and efficient recruitment operation. And, with a team of Interactive sector experts, we provide just that.

Hiring Solutions


During seasons of unanticipated hiring or business growth, internal recruiters can become overloaded. At Planet Interactive, we deliver support and scalability to supplement your recruiting team. With on-demand recruitment, our clients can continually scale their service to match demand. We provide candidate sourcing, interviews, and hiring processes. Our clients don’t need to worry about headcount, hiring contractors, or other obstacles. We help your budget go further with monthly plans, ensuring you'll always receive the support your team needs.

Direct Hire

Identifying suitable direct hire (permanent) talent takes a skilled approach to recruitment. Our strategy is to understand client culture and create a personalized approach to finding candidates. Our streamlined recruitment approach allows our clients to reduce HR and administrative costs and focus on their core business. Through our direct hire process, we place a new employee directly within your organization for a competitive one-time fee, based upon the employee’s first-year salary. Should problems arise, we replace the employee at no cost during the guarantee period.


In our industry, timelines are critical. Many times, our clients engage with us because they have an immediate need. Our contract-to-hire staffing services determine if an employee is a right fit for the position and the company. Our clients observe the employee on the job and once the contract period is complete, the option is available to hire the employee on permanently. Time is valuable, so we manage the administrative tasks associated with onboarding while still remaining commitment free. This gives our clients the opportunity to evaluate the performance of an individual and how they fit within the culture, which can be hard to figure out from an interview.

Global Workforce Solutions ( MSP, RPO )

Our goal is to connect talent with strong opportunities while providing our clients with candidates that will take their business to the next level. Our MSP and RPO services are being recognized as key programs to enable companies to gain strategic control and sustain growth. We leverage our proprietary technology, PlanetOne, as our vendor management system to streamline the process for clients. We dedicate staff to support both the requirement-definition process and vendor-selection process, ensuring an unbiased and cost-effective mechanism for acquisition of specialized resourcing.

Payroll Support

At Planet Interactive, we provide our clients with a full suite of human resource management and payroll support services. Our staff deploys excellent expertise while giving a personalized and proactive touch. We offer a quality service that deeply adheres to compliance standards.

Career Services

Marketplace Assessment

Our marketplace assessment services are an in-depth analysis of the existing competitive situation of a product or business. It’s an overview of the market, competition, and user needs. It creates a story from an assortment of external and internal data. We monitor events, understand successes/failures, update competitive changes, and identify changing customer needs. We provide solid marketplace assessments as a foundation of our marketing process: creating tangible value that drives success. We help our clients analyze the customer: truly understanding what makes customers and the market tick.

Interview Prep

At Planet Interactive, we help our clients and candidates with interview preparation to increase overall confidence. Confident interviewing is a teachable skill. It’s also highly important given that it’s your only chance to make a solid first impression. We offer tips and techniques to help our candidates answer the questions with poise, giving them the ability to walk in and present confidence.

Negotiation Strategies

We work closely with our clients and candidates to accomplish ideal outcomes during any negotiation. We prepare strategies for how to implement best practices while building confidence, ideas, and gain experience in negotiating critical agreements. We know a thing or two about getting the best possible return on each employment negotiation.

Market Value Consultation

At Planet Interactive, we get the marketplace. We know which critical skill-sets are in high demand. We respond quickly when connecting talent to opportunities that are impeccably suited to them. We consider a variety of factors such as area, experience, communication style, and personality. It’s important to make a match that meets career expectations and skill levels.

Resume Overview

A strong resume will open up doors to a dream job, whereas a badly formatted resume will leave you high and dry. It’ll be hard to know what’s not working for you when nobody is calling back. Our team of resume experts give sound and practical advice to make sure your career highlights shine.


Whether you’re single and looking for a higher payment package or need to negotiate benefits for an entire family, we are committed to providing our candidates with the best and most flexible options that meet their current needs.

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