5 Indications You are Complacent in Your Career

Have you found your career aspirations stalling? Are you only staying at your current job just to have a consistent paycheck? Maybe you have been waiting and waiting for that promotion to happen, but it never seems to. Ask yourself this, is complacency holding you back from making a positive career change?

Complacency is defined as: “self-satisfaction especially when accompanied by unawareness of actual dangers or deficiencies” – Merriam-Webster

Below are 5 indications it is time to focus on your next career move.

You are no longer moving forward

Have you hit a point in your career where you are no longer learning, gaining new skills, or taking on new projects? Sometimes we get too comfortable in our discipline. When was the last time you looked at furthering your skills and education in your field? Or updated your portfolio?

In Dice’s Technologist Sentiment Report, 8% of job seekers said that keeping their skills up to date and being valuable to employers was a major concern. This is because “with many training and development budgets being cut, technologists are looking for ways to continue to develop their skill sets.”

If you do not have access to further your skills at your current company, it might be time to look for a new position that would allow you to do so. Whether that means going into a new creative roll with further opportunities or finding the right company that will help you continue your education, it is something to consider.

You feel disengaged

Employees can become disengaged for many reasons, and you can find yourself in a work slump. If this resonates with you, ask yourself why? Do you feel like you are doing the bare minimum? Has your work not been recognized in the past? Maybe you have been passed over for a promotion. These all could be signs that it’s time to find a new position that excites you.

What motivates you? Are you looking for better pay? Do you want to find a company culture that is consistent with your values? Maybe you are interested in a flexible schedule or remote options. If you are feeling disengaged at your current job, pinpoint the reason why and search for a position that will meet your needs.

You aren’t being paid fairly

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salaried employee stays with their employer for 4.1 years. Here is another relevant fact for permanent employees…

“Workers who stay with a company longer than two years are said to get paid 50% less” – Fast Company

When was the last time you took a look at your salary and compared it to others with similar skills, years of experience, and job titles in your region? Take a look at Glassdoor’s free resource that allows you to compare your salary to others. Don’t let being complacent in your current position limit your value.  

You are hesitant to make a transition out of fear of failure

Starting a new position can seem overwhelming to some. It’s important to weigh your personal and professional options before deciding to make a career transition. If you do decide it is the right time for you, be up front about your skill sets, your cultural needs, and what you can bring to the table during the interview process. Being as transparent as possible will help both you and your potential new employer make sure that you are the best fit for each other.

You feel guilty about leaving your organization

Another sign that you have become complacent is that you feel guilty leaving your organization because they will have to replace you. A lot of people develop the mindset that “no one else can do what I do”. While you provide your company with an incredible skill set, if you decide to make a positive change in your career, they will be okay without you. If you have outgrown your roll, it’s okay to move forward.

Have you decided it’s time to make a positive change to your career? Get started today by browsing available positions or contact us regarding your career search.

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