Continuous Delivery of Creative Talent Amid Organizational Change


The client is a biotechnology company that develops innovative aesthetics and therapeutics. With foundational commitment to innovation, they aim to elevate the standards of the medical community, from operational efficiency to product offerings.  

Key Challenges  

Due to their position within the wider industry, the client experienced rapid and extreme fluctuations in their projects needs and creative workflows. These fluctuations became the norm, and the client found it increasingly difficult to maintain headcount for full-time employees in such an environment. Though the client had partnered directly with creative staffing firms like Planet Interactive in the past, they now required a robust, MSP solution to efficiently meet their project goals and budgets.  

The Solution

Planet Interactive has played a critical role during the client’s organizational changes. First and foremost, this company-wide shift required the cultivation of a collaborative relationship with the client’s new MSP partner, Magnit. Through this negotiation phase, we quickly established a candidate onboarding framework in partnership with Magnit to ease the transition for the end-client. This was essential for ensuring our client’s continued access to top creative talent.  In addition, our delivery team worked closely with existing candidates to minimize confusion and manage expectations. These candidates occupied positions across the client’s organization, including:

  • UX Designers
  • Presentation Designers
  • Video Producers  
  • Copy Editors  
  • Events and Meeting Coordinators
  • Product Management
  • Motion Graphic Designers  
  • Digital Comms  

The Results  

Planet Interactive’s Business Development team, combined with a robust delivery apparatus made up of industry professionals, facilitated a successful transition to an MSP for the client’s contingent workforce creative needs. Above all, the client sought to minimize disruptions to ongoing projects amid this organizational change. We understood the need for continued access to talent, as well as the concurrent need to implement an MSP program in a timely manner. Together, Planet Interactive and the client demonstrated incredible adaptability, ensuring consistent and expanded delivery for a variety of creative positions.

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