Creating the First 100% Digitally Addressable Ad Targeted TV Platform


The client is one of the world’s largest and most recognizable communications companies. Later they decided to become the largest entertainment and media conglomerate, buying smaller communication and media companies to grow their business. After searching for leading advertising recruitment agencies, Planet Interactive was chosen to staff a three-year project to retool their advertising into the industry’s first 100% digitally addressable ad targeted television platform.

The Goal

Retool their advertising into the industry’s first 100% digitally addressable ad targeted television platform.

To pay for this $90 billion expenditure, the key to the client’s ROI thinking strategy was to combine these assets with their consumer data. This would allow them to become a larger player in the $130 billion annual digital advertising market, which at the time was commanded by Google, Facebook, and Amazon.


Planet Interactive was hired to help facilitate the advertising technology launch of a new “cord-cutter” television service available on multiple OTT, mobile and web-based devices. It was new territory for everyone. As the television industry gained more understanding, digital certification requirements became more defined, and so increased resource needs to migrate 65+ major television networks to a fully digitally controlled ad management system. With Planet Interactive’s help, the client launched a new division solely responsible for the company’s media technology and sales business. Here, Planet Interactive continued to support this new division by supplying talent for the client’s New Media Lab – a department chartered to service and validate all new advertising technologies as they are developed throughout the organization.


  • Increased Distribution: The client’s programming is now available on 12 major platforms, certified for both linear and VOD digitally addressable ad placement.
  • Pioneering Digital Advertising: The client became the first live broadcast MVPDs to offer digital addressable advertising.
  • Improved Data Reliability: With Planet Interactive’s help, the client currently supports the daily quality assurance, troubleshooting and content provider communication of millions of ad impressions across 65+ major networks.
  • Targeting Growth: As one of the premier advertising recruitment agencies, Planet Interactive continues to grow with the client, delivering new expertise in automation, innovation, and management support.

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