Creative Outlook: June 2023

A recurring series highlighting current and emerging trends in the Creative, Digital & Marketing spaces.

The importance of the creative, digital, and marketing sectors couldn’t be clearer. Regardless of industry or organizational size, companies need these talented professionals for tasks like content creation, user experience design, web development, and even market research. In short, such personnel are critical not only for attracting new customers and users, but for improving existing relationships.

As one of the largest creative recruitment companies in the US, Planet Interactive will share our expertise every few months as we take a look back at some of the developing stories and new dynamics in the creative world, as well as offer our predictions on what’s ahead.

Challenges to Recruiting

The end of 2022 and Q1 was characterized by both slow growth and layoffs. The brunt of burden fell in the big tech sector, but organizations of all sizes felt the impact. Creative professionals were affected too. Recently we asked our network how the economy impacted their recruitment and retention efforts, specifically within the creative and digital sector. This survey by no means provides a full picture, but it does mirror some general trends we see in the industry.

  • 39% of respondents said very difficult
  • 26% said somewhat difficult
  • 15% said not particularly difficult
  • 20% said they have seen no impact in this area

Candidate-Client Mismatch?

At the time of this poll a handful of candidates expressed frustration about client expectations. One industry professional suggested that companies are asking one individual to excel and have expertise in too many areas, based on their job descriptions. Whether accurate, the feeling seems to reflect a general sentiment felt throughout the industry, especially in early 2023. But it makes sense that if companies are asked to do more with less, than they might be more demanding when it comes to hiring.

Moving in the Right Direction

The outlook has steadily improved throughout Q2, and clients are beginning to hire more creatives for their contract needs. Our internal jobs increased by 18 percent the past 60 days, and by 37 percent compared to early Q1 figures. Positions like Event Planners are making a strong comeback too, which were severely impacted by the pandemic. In fact, the the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects steady growth for the profession over the course of the next decade.

Creative recruitment companies have seen an increase in applicants too to meet the increased hiring demand. At Planet Interactive, we saw a stunning 52 percent increase in applicants for creative digital jobs from March to April, and a steady 22 percent increase from April to May.

We’re working with a plethora of talent right now, so much so that there are more candidates than there are jobs. But in the past few months we’ve seen a steady uptick in opportunities. I just had a candidate start with a client in June who first interviewed with this company back in February. At that time, the need wasn’t there, but hiring in the contract space has picked up as things have improved. Eventually the client reached back out with a job for her.  In this business, relationships and timing are truly everything!

Krista Fisher, SR Creative & Digital Recruiter

Favorite Industries for Creatives

As we all know, creatives are essential to any business regardless of sector. So we want to wrap by providing some insight into what industries candidates prefer to work in. A survey of network revealed that:

  • 41% of respondents said Tech
  • 33% said Media and Entertainment
  • 13% said Pharma
  • 13% said Retail

Other honorable mentions include Publishing, Utilities/Industrial, and the Nonprofit sector. But no matter what you’re preferred industry, honing in on your pitch, both in what you choose to represent in your portfolio and how you navigate interviews, is crucial for landing the job you want.

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Written by
Krista Fisher
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