First-Gen MSP Program for Transformational Food Manufacturer and Research Organization


Launching in 2016, the client is a global food manufacturer and research organization with the impassioned goal of transforming our global food system. They aim to make food truly sustainable through reducing the demand and need for animal agriculture.  

Key Challenges  

The client is part of Magnit’s first generation MSP program, which encompasses organizations new to utilizing contractors through a managed contingent workforce program. Due to the scope and scale of their ambitious mission, the client required the support of a nimble and specialized staffing provider. This partnership would fulfill the interrelated aims of effectively navigating a MSP program and securing the vital talent necessary to meet their organization's growth goals.  

The Solution  

Planet Interactive’s unique position as a creative recruitment and consulting partner with a national reach and specialized delivery team made us a preferred choice for providing niche resources. Our proven track record and success across Magnit made us an excellent fit for a company new to utilizing a MSP program.  

The client’s partnership with Magnit and Planet Interactive has enabled the client to recruit critical positions within their organization, including Creative Designers, Marketing Managers, and Art Directors. Planet Interactive’s specialized and concrete knowledge of the creative industry laid the groundwork for continuous delivery amid the client’s transition to a MSP program. This growing partnership will enable the procurement of creative talent to support the client’s mission.  

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