Planet Interactive Recruits Internal Creative Team for New Startup


The client is a biotechnology startup that develops innovative aesthetics and therapeutics. In addition, they operate in the technology space, recently launching a commerce platform for patients and medical practices. The application provides deeper organizational insights and consumer lifetime value, enabling providers to cultivate meaningful relationships with their patients and customers.

Key Challenges

Aiming to effectively position and brand their several offerings, the client sought to build their own in-house creative and marketing agency. This internal team would service the organization’s multiple products, from aesthetics to their commerce platform. It became clear that to fully realize this goal, the organization required a deep bench of in-house talent. The client determined they would need the assistance of a creative hiring agency with industry expertise to recruit and build this dedicated team.

The Solution: Planet Interactive secured a contract to assist with the recruitment of this new in-house team. Initially only working with one hiring manager, Planet Interactive quickly distinguished themselves as a premier creative hiring agency, and began building the client’s creative practice across multiple lines of business, including:

·      Copy & Content

·      Animation and Video Production

·      Visual Design and Art Direction

·      Marketing

·      UX/UI Design

·      Account and Project Management

Planet Interactive took the time to truly understand the client’s creative vision and branding practices. This information gathering phase was critical for identifying candidates with niche and subjective creative skillsets. In addition to building out an efficient recruiting pipeline that could secure a high volume of consultants quickly, Planet Interactive instituted a thorough compliance and onboarding process to effectively integrate this new in-house agency. At the height of this engagement Planet Interactive had 25+ consultants billing across the client’s creative team.

The Results

Through this engagement, the client came to view Planet Interactive not just as a creative hiring agency, but a strategic and trusted partner. Furthermore, the client elected to end several other recruiting contracts and work exclusively with Planet Interactive. The team is supporting the client on an ongoing basis, fortifying this in-house team to better position their various products.

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