Rapid Recruiting for a Global Project


The client is a global marketing implementation agency that produces, creates, and adapts advertising for brands across all media (video, print, and digital), delivering multi-level national and international campaigns. Their mission is to create efficiencies in strategy, creative, production, and delivery, while enhancing quality across all media. Their clients are some of the most recognized brands across the globe.


In 2018, the marketing agency asked Planet Interactive to partner on a time-sensitive project recruiting freelance staff to support a client’s annual workshop, which would span several weeks. Their client, one of the largest tech companies in the world, required staff to be on site in Cupertino, CA for the duration of the project.

Working with multiple staffing agencies, the marketing agency had a goal of supplying 200 resources for this project. Roles ranged from Production Designers, Front-End Developers, QA Specialists, Content Managers, and Project Managers.

In addition to having the relevant creative and technical skills, the resources needed to localize the digital marketing materials for countries and regions including China, Russia, Turkey, Japan, Thailand, and the Middle East. The challenge was to find these fluent resources and get them to temporarily relocate to San Francisco for 6+ weeks.


Planet Interactive shifted our workload to make this project our top priority. We dedicated our best recruiters to the effort along with transferring recruitment experts from other staffing divisions within The Planet Group to help ramp up delivery. We put in an aggressive candidate referral program to assist with the inbound activity and utilized our specialized sourcing techniques as well as instituted new approaches to increase outreach. We drew upon our national footprint and extensive database as well as known resources such as LinkedIn, job boards, and specialized recruiting sites.


Rapid Sourcing of Critical Talent

Planet Interactive started our recruitment efforts six weeks before the workshop of the agency's client. In that time we:

  • Prescreened 2,000+ candidates
  • Skill tested all finalists (including testing for language fluency within the different tools, including Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML)
  • Placed 64 contractors, second only to the agency’s internal hiring and far exceeding other firms
  • Retained 91% of staff until the completion of their assignments


Ongoing Staffing Partnership

Planet Interactive successfully helped our marketing agency client fill the resources they needed and had a successful workshop launch. This in turn has allowed us to become an extension of their internal recruiting team as we continue working on 2 – 3 annual workshops and supporting other parts of their business.

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