What Clients Should Look for in UX Design Talent

The endless proliferation of digital products has pushed the role of the UX and Experience Designer front and center. Today, businesses of all stripes strive to differentiate themselves not only in terms of meeting the functional needs of their users but also by delivering engaging, memorable experiences.

The challenge, however, lies in identifying the right UX design candidate. This process goes beyond merely assessing technical skills. It involves a comprehensive understanding of the candidate's ability to empathize with users, innovate within design parameters, and contribute to a product's strategic direction.

A Demonstrated Understanding of Principles

First and foremost, clients should look for candidates with a deep and demonstrated understanding of UX principles. This includes knowledge of the methods of user research, information architecture and design hierarchies, how design elements interact with one another, usability testing, and accessibility. A candidate should be able to articulate how these principles guide their design process and how they apply them to solve complex design challenges. Depending on the specifics of the role and the makeup of your current team, you will want to place greater emphasis on certain principles than others.  

Proficiency in Design Tools and Technologies

The world of UX is constantly evolving, so extensive familiarity and proficiency in the latest design tools is essential. Truly assess the needs of your organization and the tools you currently employ (as well as the efficacy of these tools) and make hiring decisions accordingly. Moreover, an understanding of front-end development languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is often seen as a plus, as it allows designers to collaborate with developers more readily and speed up the implementation process.

A Strong Portfolio Demonstrating Design Thinking

A strong portfolio is a candidate’s commitment to UX principles in action. Clients should look for portfolios that not only showcase exceptional, engaging designs but also demonstrate a candidate's design thinking process. A compelling portfolio includes detailed case studies that outline the problem, the approach taken, the solution, and the impact of the design. This allows you to understand a candidate’s problem-solving skills and their ability to drive results through design.

Empathy and User-Centric Approach

Empathy is at the heart of crafting an engaging user experience. Defined as being able to understand and share the perspective of another, companies need candidates who can empathize and put themselves in the users' shoes, understand their needs, wants, and frustrations, and translate these insights into intuitive designs. A user-centric approach that focuses on creating meaningful experiences that address real user problems, is what sets apart great UX designers.

Collaboration and Communication Skills

UX design is inherently collaborative. Whether it’s working with researchers, developers, product managers, or stakeholders, clear communication and strong teamwork are essential. What’s the current makeup of your team? How well do they work with each other? What tools do they use? Let the answers to these questions inform your vetting process. Above all, candidates who can clearly articulate their design decisions, incorporate feedback constructively, and work within multidisciplinary teams are of the utmost importance.

The multifaceted nature of UX means that evaluation of a candidate’s skillset extends beyond the assessment of technical skills. What sets a strong UX professional apart is their approach to problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation. By focusing on these key attributes, clients can ensure they select a UX designer capable of contributing to the creation of exceptional user experiences that drive business success.  

Planet Interactive, with its deep expertise in the creative and marketing industries, is perfectly positioned to help businesses find top-tier UX and experience design talent that meets these criteria, ensuring a perfect match between the client's needs and the candidate’s skillset. Contact us today.  

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